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Thursday, April 19, 2012

From here to find your Christian Louboutin Shoes, you become the perfect woman

      Summer to a woman in the purchase of seasonal shoes, high heels is absolutely one of the options in order to match the legs of the sexy clothes and lanky charm, but you willchoose their own high-heeled shoes? You are not buy love to wear a painful experienceit? Do not think to wear so many years of high heels really will be selected. Many peoplein the choice of high heels, most of them is to look at height, to see the texture, look at the color, heel style is our greatest concern. The heel of different styles for different body,different clothing, and must not be ignored. Christian Louboutin Shoes high heels is the designer Cristi – Rub each person’scharacteristics, height, fat, thin, different, designed thousands of different high heels.
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     Slope with the style most suitable and miniskirt with, make the legs appear more slender.However, if the feeling is too bulky, can also choose to thin in front of the back of highstyle, wearing more comfortable than the traditional high heels. Hollowing out of thewedge heel design, it looks light and creative. Traditional fine with best embodies thesexy, feminine, but also the highest on the requirements of the wearer’s legs are toothick, foot-shaped slim enough women to wear to not look good. Coarse wear withalmost wild style does not crumbling, but also more comfortable. The only drawback is that looks a bit bulky, should be chosen high style.
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        Of course, your body proportions in the end choose how much heels? Please refer to a + x = 0.6 × (h + x), where a lower limb, x represents the height of the heel, h for height, aftersimplification, x = (x h-5 × a) ÷ 2. For example, a woman’s height 165cm, lower limblength 97cm, the estimated result is 5 cm, the sisters now you can calculate your best “high” is how much.
      Are you still can not find suitable for their own heels and trouble? Good News of ChristianLouboutin Outlet, has been all over the world, as long as you are any place in the world,as long as the Internet, you can choose a you have been quietly looking for this place of Christian Louboutin Sale, but it is did not found the shoes.

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