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Monday, May 14, 2012

Studies have shown that wearing high heels can improve sex life

Hong Kong’s Ta Kung Pao quoted the British “Sunday Times” reported that high heelsmake ladies Scared, love it for their own add sexy, but because of the many scientific studies that it will be causing a lot of health damage afraid to wearIn fact, these are mostly the lack of scientific basis. A new study found that wearing high heels is good for health, can even improve sex life, ladies may wish to be assured that wearing …
Studies have shown that wearing high heels can improve sex life
Studies have shown that wearing high heels can improve sex life
Over to “demonize”
Heels of a very long history, playing from the 60 in 1990, has been the trend of clothing, many studies in the past half century, however regarded it “demonized”, a large number of charges including lead hallucis bursitis swelling, stress fractures, knee pain, arthritis, and even schizophrenia.
Her like high heels on to say the lack of scientific basis to disagree, so he started to study in order to identify the benefits of high-heeled shoes, the results of the above study, said director of the University of Verona, Italy, urologist Maria Cerruto The target was reached.
Cerruto the research group of 60 six 50-year-old female, measuring the height of the high heels how to affect the electrical activity of the pelvic muscles. It was found that seven centimeters (two inches and a half) of the heel, the foot and the ground was a 15 degree angle, allows the electrical activity of the pelvic muscles to reduce about 15 percent; that is conducive to the relaxation of the muscles, and to increase its strength and contractility.
Cerruto said: “high heels will change the activities of the pelvic floor, alleviate the pain of the parts, and improve your health, we now want to prove that wearing high heels daily activities is equivalent to a pelvic movement.”
Hotline NHS Direct sex life of the British national health systems to improve the guidelines recommend that women take note of the pelvic muscles “pleasure muscles”, and describes how to reach sexual excitement through the exercise of the muscles to enhance capacity; women before and after pregnancy should be days to do five such movements.
Not higher than four inches and a half
The famous TV series “Sex and the City” heroine Carrie (Carrie Bradshaw) passion for high heels brand designer Manolo. Blahnik Manolo Blahnik, are delighted with the results. He said: “This is excellent news has been troubling me, say it (high heels) how the harmful effects of body posture, but I always thought that this is just the opposite.”
He said his mother, wearing five inch heels to wear to the 87-year-old, is still a wonderful gesture, and said: “Wearing high heels can make your life more exciting. In 1980’s , it is a symbol of power, but now The times have changed a; it is a symbol of elegance. If you are a woman, this is one of the methods to male turn on the charm, is one of the methods to attract others. man once told me The heel to save their marriage. “However, he pointed out, the heel should not be more than 11.5 centimeters (four inches and a half), otherwise it is difficult to maintain a beautiful gait.
Fitness instructors Zoe McNulty also pointed out that in response to the above study, the high heels will change the lower body the feeling of gravity, so the muscle to increase the force to make the adjustments, so that the legs and buttocks of women is more robust.
Cerruto of the study, published in European urology journal.

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