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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tips: to teach you how to choose High Heels Christian Louboutin Shoes

The heels of the earliest history dates back to the great inventions of the 15th century French court costume. The heels initial, is for the convenience of the people riding the feet to fasten the stirrup. Until the heels of the 16th century aristocratic fashion stuff. It is said that the short stature of Louis XIV in order to make himself appear bigger, more powerful and more self-confident and more authoritative, let the shoemaker for his shoes, fitted with 4 inch high heel, heel and painted red to show their noble status.
Early High Heels Christian Louboutin Shoes made of shoe technology and materials limitations, the heel can only create a funnel-shaped, with the Ministry since the soles began to narrow, Bottom and then expanded. Later, as the shoe-making technology development, only gradually appear more and more rich shoes shoes style, more and more to the beauty-conscious women crazy.
Heels of the Italian Stiletto, the original intent of one kind of a double-edged steel blade and Phillips were thin dagger handle. Christian Louboutin Shoes in women is undoubtedly synonymous with sexy, wear High Heels Christian Louboutin Shoes, the body’s natural stand, and strengthen the visual femininity highlights the perfect lines of women, women to redouble their confidence. To select a pair of Christian Louboutin Shoes, to be considered outside of the body of the shoe styles and fabrics, the shape of the toe and heel is highlighting a very important one of their own individuality.
A fine with High Heels Christian Louboutin Shoes Thin heels once occupied the advantages of a large proportion of multi-session fashion T station, one can imagine its preference of fashion designers is unusual, but it can be said to the women the most tangled of a shoe. With the build technologies are increasingly exquisite shoes, the heel is also designed to be getting higher and higher, more and more detailed, but is becoming more and more beautiful style natural, it is people love to hate! A pair of small heels is the crowning touch to the dinner and luxury occasion indispensable, however, not confident enough to harness the good of these shoes MM or can not easily try, or else lose face is a small matter, hurt himself things big!
Second, platform thick heel Relatively stable, heavy heavy-bottomed heels compared with less of a sharp thin heel sexy, but more stable capable, is very popular this season’s shoes. More robust design so you can freely access a variety of occasions, the wild, apart from a very decent, the women in the workplace of choice for a single product.
Third, the cone heel The cone heel width, heel the top down gradually narrow to fine a class of high-heeled shoes. A combination of the characteristics of thin heels and thick soles rough heels, but unlike the former over-solemn, and also eliminates the latter’s heavy feeling, so these shoes compared to the more lively and more personalized.
Fourth, blunt heels Blunt High Heels Christian Louboutin Shoes is a very interesting type of shoes, is divided into two types of circular and square. Do not look at them seems a bit simple-minded way, the key to the selection of the type of shoe is in the details. In fact, as long as the up and down in the details of the design effort, you can easily offset the heavy sense of blunt head, transforming itself into a unique and highly personalized fashion darling.
Five, pointed high-heeled shoes With fine, pointed high-heeled shoes in the last century, once swept the fashion world, until in 2006 as a sexy retro style vertical and horizontal fashion T station, the charm of natural unusual. Fine with the design of the tip with a lizard skin or crocodile skin fabric is a combination of the sexiest luxury.
Six, open-toed Christian Louboutin Shoes The open-toed shoes are very popular shoes in the past two years. These shoes just appeared, had been subjected to fierce criticism of some of the fashion magazine, that the open-toed publicly exposed with the lack of training, but the face of the modern woman of independence and freedom, that argument untenable soon. Today, the lively shape become very popularization of such shoes, whether to wear it shopping, gatherings, and even access to the workplace are the same generous nature.
Next, I will introduce several comparative wear good and very beautiful to wear very sexy high heels make a woman.
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