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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Summer high heels worn

Ms. women house summer show season, high heels can release your attractive figure, but really want to get the beauty and comfort of a unified, in fact, it is very difficult, high heels, the invention itself is not ergonomic. She is the deliberate distortions necessary in order to create a line the United States, its role is somewhat similar to the stimulation, so this is not comfortable to create this beauty, so many people seeking the kind of beauty and comfort of the unity of one less thing that may be done.
(In essence, to wear high heels a stimulus to demand, not want to have this stimulus, large wear flat shoes.) But the time will not be law to wear high heels cause foot disease, foot caused injury, so that over time the foot deformation, but contrary to the high heels had to shape the original intention of the United States. To learn to wear high heels, the use of high heels to create their own charm, do not wear and unworthy, to make your own debased. Remember: "human beings have never invented something that they are useless." We can not solve the unity of beauty and comfort, but we pay attention to foot disease can be prevented, eliminating the need to wear high heels unnecessary trouble, wear high heels to note:
Usually do not always wear the same high heels to avoid the same place of the foot is often squeezed.
2, usually sit, you should bend your feet, then gently legs stretching to maintain this posture for 30 minutes, do not lift the legs, allows the feet to relax.
, Wearing high heels to walk when the chest and abdomen, naturally generous and steady, not bent over the stooped, and it is not Rush Run, not to the mountain climbing.
Usually pay more attention to the maintenance of the foot, the habit of hot foot bath and massage.
5, if the shoes with high heels, to pay attention to situations, not in the usual cars on the clogged, or wear in the uneven road, because this shoe is designed for special occasions such as dance.
6, the design of some of the particularly high heels is not to walk at a specific time to wear a lot of "sex" meaning, in peacetime, there is no need to wear, and therefore pay special attention to.
7, usually wear high heels to walk should pay attention to rest, rest, toes curled, activities about the calf.
8, it is best not to barefoot to wearing shoes, this will hurt the skin of the foot.
9, wearing pointed high heels, pay attention to the time to look at the activities toes, so that can soothe, to prevent the same position too squeezed.
10, usually nails should not be too hard to prevent the nail inflammation.
11, wearing high heels to walk, the heel must either backward, because the high-heeled toes by the force is too large to give the toes a certain space, even if it is small. Toes, straining forward, it does not look beautiful.
12, must be a little tight, not too much to buy new high heels,
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women house:
Posture posture, wearing high heels after effects can be big too! Coupled with the high shoes walking posture standing, have a follow-up the entire back waist and legs, how to properly wear tall shoes is very Lo! following high shoes divided into three categories, a former high platform shoes, a high heels (less than 40 cm), another ultra-high heels ( more than seven centimeters), each a highly moves are slightly different, beautiful women who can try the research!
A former high-high platform shoes
Like to step on the Gaoqiao the platform heels, because the contact with the ground insensitivity to pay attention to when wearing a fall hazard but they can not because it looks casual put it when the shoes wear yo! This is a very unsafe to wear France!
Entire foot skin is taken upon the earth, lift the heel leaning forward, the other foot out of the second step because the thickness of the bottom, so the soles curvature is not the way to go up a bit like the elephant stepping because of the heel to maintain the stability of the moving, knees slightly bent. song As for wearing thick shoes to keep walking the line Timmia be a bit difficult, when the straight-line road, maintained at body
/ 3 the width would be acceptable.
Two. Ordinary high heels
Ordinary high shoes can be beautiful shape that they want to want to best match the choice of action to force the beauty. Walking can sashay, footnote strap to choose shoes best can cover above instep half of the area in order to avoid adhesion enough, walking heel procrastination, powder undermine the beauty of yo!
Feet first step the pace of the ground, and immediately the center of gravity moved forward toes, the body naturally to move forward. The heels of the other foot off the ground first, and then taken the pace of the upper back straight and narrow abdomen. Hands natural swing looks not only change the highly variable mental errands also extended the Triple cm
Features high heels
Although the higher the heel, the more the female body naturally stand upright swing, but beware the high heel, combined with improper walking posture, it is easy to sprain yo! And To condescend discomfort ergonomic height, be careful walking attitude change is very strange, they undermine the beauty of wearing high shoes!
Walk feet first floor, immediately to the center of gravity moved forward toes, the body naturally to move forward, in order to maintain the stability of the knee can be slightly bent, the strength of the thigh and waist, swinging his legs, and back vertebral natural stand to avoid the ground heel first, the center of gravity placed after the results can easily lead to foot sprain yo!
women house:
To remind an often overlooked fact, walking posture is really shaped legs on the day after tomorrow there will be a great influence, walking posture within eight people, it is easy to become open to open the O-shaped legs; eight people walking posture , is easy to become a strange X
Shaped legs, walking posture is correct Beau compulsory!
I personally believe that high-heeled shoes allow every woman to be beautiful "Cinderella's glass slipper, so long as a woman must learn to wear high heels, but also to go light rosy, people can not help but to look at a ! wear high heels, there will be hip effect of the anti-gravity, the feet are also less likely to grow worse and wide girls like to wearing shoes. Although wearing shoes very comfortable and relaxing, but too relaxed upper body center of gravity down, so that incorrect posture and defiance, and caused damage to the spine and pelvis, but better to wear high heels but the correct posture is more healthy.
Although many girls love high heels, but because they do not know how to dress to go will be nice to go when a lameness, and some even stamp step dragging shoes to walk, looked really, full of sad. I suggest to practice walking posture, we must start by the difficulty of the highest heels, so that regardless of what you wear shoes, walking up and there will be a kind of mold, sashay!
Here are a few precautions:
a wear high heels, upper body straight (note position, do not lean forward or backward), abdominal breathing close to the gas stop in the chest position.
(b) the strength of the thigh, the thigh, gently lift the drive leg forward taken the pace. (A lot of people usually just use the leg strength to drive the pace, so there will be beauty of a walk and posture.) Remember the thigh must lift, although only slightly raised, but it allows the body's center of gravity upward, rather than has been to focus on the footsteps of the lower body. So the pace will not be tired, heavy, but the light altogether.
c stride the ground, remember not to use the heel or toes touch the ground, use foot middle part of "the ground is correct. This not only makes the pressure exerted on the legs when walking and reduce the wear high heels essential courtesy heel shoes produced by the unpleasant noise to a minimum.
d feet interactive taken, not necessarily in a straight line, as long as the feet naturally move on to. Hands were hanging relaxed, natural swing, it seems very generous.
(e) exercise at any time to pay attention to upper body when taken the pace is not maintained at the middle of the legs. You can look in the mirror, reflected from floor to ceiling windows, or your friends to help look, so you can view the body leaning forward or backward error posture.
I suggest a beginner, the first week of practice a day, wearing high heels to practice 20 to 30 minutes. By the second week, barefoot but on tiptoe go (fantasy is wearing high heels to go), take the law principles are the same. This third week of the wear high heels to walk, you will find how so easy and can immediately take to the streets when the heels Wizard, stunning all of his best buddies best friend!
The purchase of high-quality high-heeled shoes Tip:
The styles of shoes depends on personal preference, so you can choose your favorite style. A pair of high heels "with" and "bottom", it is my opinion, beyond compromise, must be perfect key positions, because that is the impact of walking comfort the key.
Selection method is a pair of shoes, a pair of shoes on the counter convenient to view the desktop or smooth on the hard chair, look Neither shoe soles and heels is not a smooth paste on the ground, look at the entire heel is not skew biased, a good pair of shoes must be very straight and very stable heel, in order to take close to serve the master.
Reference to an experience of wearing high heels to the leg short girls, try to wear non-Department of the ankle or the Department of the ankle with a very thin high-heeled shoes, which would allow the anterior dorsal arch of the foot, leg extension in the visual part of, and thus make the legs look more slender.
women the house articles:
High heels find their self-help approach is to be done immediately about reverse stretching activities! This action to shore up the back, buttocks and other parts, like the spring to stretch the muscles to gently stretch, to promote blood flow, and rid the body of waste.
Rest, stretching exercises
Body at this time in a very relaxed state, which is the best time to regulate body movement muscle.
Take the relaxed standing position, first-hand grip of the chair back. Pelvis slightly forward, slightly knees. Shoulders relaxed and keep straight, the center of gravity toward the heel. Maintain this position for 40 seconds, then rest for one minute. About to repeat the exercise five times. Evening with your legs held up high 10 minutes. And then walk in place for a few minutes. Or body stand up straight, feet open and shoulder width, the right-hand bend to the left side of the body, repeated four times and then the other side. Exertion, exhale, inhale when you relax, which helps Shujin vibrant.
Imprisoned when stretching exercises
Sedentary posture of folding leg "legs" will make the thigh muscles showing the shortened state, caused by muscle spasms and back pain High heels beautiful women wearing high heels and always sedentary, or people always love to tilt "legs" for practice the following exercise helps muscles to restore balance.
Take the upright sitting position, legs that deviates as much as possible, until the muscle from the inner thigh to the foot until a slight nervous feeling. The toes should be relaxed. Completely close to the buttocks with both hands, palms close to the ground and under put pressure on, until the spine completely straight so far. Eyes looking straight ahead. Hold this tension for 40 to 60 seconds. Body re-relax. Repeat exercise 3 to 5 times.
Stretching back and forth when
Travel, calf suffer the most, which led to leg fatigue or night cramps.
Take the lunge position, a front leg, one leg, the front legs relax, the hind legs straight, feet parallel to the upper body slightly forward bending, but keeping back straight. The hind legs of the heel tight tread the ground for 40 seconds. And rest for a minute, then repeat the exercise, do it 5 times. Switch legs and do 5 times.
Note that the line position in addition to the above movement remedy should also be noted gait.
Toes straight forward, knees to maintain the flexibility to walk the ground, buttocks clamping the upper body straight. To avoid too much pressure are unevenly distributed, so as to improve the leg, foot swelling phenomenon, promote blood and lymph circulation, away from the leg pain.
Foot care
Back home, immediately take off the high heels, barefoot walking. This will allow your feet to completely relax, get rid of the constraints of shoes, a good way to eliminate leg and foot fatigue is the most simple.

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