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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Another story about high heels Christian Louboutin Shoes

Christian Louboutin Shoes
Christian Louboutin Shoes

            Introduction: high heels origins in two different ways, but time is the same dynasty in the18th century, Louis XIV of France, to look at the other then the heels of the legend.
             High heels origins in two different ways, but time is of the same dynasty in the 18th century, Louis XIV, France, to look at other high heels legend.
             According to legend, the modern-style high-heeled shoes was born in the dynasty of the 18th century Louis XIV of France. At that time, the palace, possessor of many beautiful young ladies, they are unable to bear the loneliness of the palace life monotonous, oftenslipped out of the palace to take part in social activities of various civil. Louis XIV was very angry, and issued a series of court ban, but still able to stop the ladies to go out. Atthis time, it was said to Louis XIV to offer these ladies they are able to turn around noshadow, the key is at the foot of no fetters.
            If you want to come up with ideas, theirmobility, they can not easily eviction. A Louis XIV, that the idea is good. But what method? Shackled like apparatus set up, too lacking in humanity. Application ofinstruments of torture, and the ladies of those prettily also too harsh. Moreover, if thecourt is filled with the ladies to see fetters, the court what elegant civilization at all. It seems that only make a fuss about the shoes. So. Mandate the shoemaker design atricky shoes, and remediation of those who love wandering ladies. At that time, the tragic actor on the French stage wearing a full-height theater shoes, shoemaker to be inspiredto create after the high-heeled shoes. It is said that this is the modern and high heels the origin.
Refers to the time of Louis XIV see a bunch of unique shape of the heels, so that the ladies wear, ladies scare was moaning and groaning. Do everything possible to quibblerefused to wear, but Wang Ming Nanwei, and finally had complained to look at the face towear high heels. Guaizai! After a period of time to hone, the ladies came to walk freely.Moreover, they wear high heels make the body look slender and beautiful, and actually in love with high heels, non-high-heeled shoes do not wear. The fashionable women ofParis to see the high heels. Much praise, and follow suit. Thus, the high heels by the courtspread all over France, and spread throughout the world.
         high heels Christian Louboutin, let a lot of the beauty of women, are especially excited and happy.

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