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Monday, May 14, 2012

Temptation to the extreme, high heels hidden sexual secret

Temptation to the extreme, high heels hidden sexual secret

The heels refers to a particularly high heel Christian Louboutin shoes, heels make this shoe to wear issignificantly more than the toe. Many different styles of high heels, in particular, is very much in the heel of the changes, such as fine with the rough with the wedge with nail typewith, hammer type with, knife type. High-heeled shoes in addition to the increase in height, the more important factor is to enhance allure. The high heels make a womanstride is reduced, because the center of gravity moved the leg on the correspondingstraight and cause the buttocks contraction, before the very chest, so that the womanstanding, walking posture are full of charm, willowy’s charm came into being.
When Marilyn Monroe wear designed by Ferragamo metal thin heels made ​​her fame,she said: ”Although I do not know who first invented high heels, but all women should be grateful her. ”No matter you are who you are deep like her self-confidence brought aboutby the high heels, sexy and glamor.
Heels has a unique allure and charm for women, in addition, high-heeled shoes for menhas a unique attraction, to make men mad, Why is this? Hidden because of high heelsless secret, take a look at today.
High-heeled shoes can bring women orgasm
High-heeled shoes can bring women orgasm
We know that the ”high” moment of orgasm, women’s feet in a tense state performanceas the bow. High heels is to mimic the foot shape and leg strength. ”So, you be wearinginto the high heels, you are placing themselves in a possible state of orgasm.”
Wear high heels to change the activities of the pelvic floor, alleviate the pain of the parts,wearing high heels daily activities is equivalent to a pelvic movement can improve thesex life. Seven centimeters (two inches and a half), heel, foot and the ground was 15degree angle can be reduced by about 15% of the electrical activity of the pelvicmuscles, that is, conducive to the relaxation of the muscles and increase their strength and contractility .
Pelvic muscles of women is a ”pleasure muscles, more exercise, can enhance the abilityto reach orgasm.
But do not wear high heels over too far truth everyone knows, long-term wear high heelseasy to make women over-stretched leg muscles, toe deformation. So, go to workwearing high heels, work do not forget to put on a comfortable flat shoes, your legs a holiday!
Secret in the high-heeled shoes
Secret in the high-heeled shoes
The exercise of the women’s movement, she will release endorphins and dopamine are both orgasm necessary condition for the combination of their lower abdomen and lower limb muscle tension. Thus, the clitoral stimulation that may arise. “
You’re wearing high heels walked up and down, pelvic movement is very obvious. The strength of the legs is easy to stimulate the sensitive zone of the clitoris and the pelvic area. Wear high heels, you will have a sense of excitement.
Whether the external image of the inner feelings, high heels, sexy and like degree may be related to “orgasm”. For men, the status of the female orgasm is fascinating. For women, the feeling of orgasm is attractive. Therefore, a woman in high heels “fetish” psychological may be very complicated. It was probably a psychological suggestion, perhaps the potential instincts play a role.
Either way, like high heels of women in their own show and experience sexual feelings. In this sense, the heels are very desirable. Especially those who do not or rarely orgasm women, they should at least try high heels style.
High heels = temptation
High heels = temptation
From a physiological point of view, flat shoes than high heels are much more healthy. So if a woman in order to wear high heels to prove that this woman very carefully, but alsovery interesting for you. High heels can better reflect the charm of women, so she will put on high heels in front of you, on behalf of her temptation to you. We might as well say,high heels = temptation.
While high heels have a strong temptation, but as men, if you love her, then let herhealthier and more comfortable. Have you ever seen wearing a day high heels of women, took off his heels the moment rubbing his leg, shouting back pain? So let your loved onetake off her high heels and put on a comfortable flat shoes. than you how many times love her but also useful.
High heels can improve women’s sexual experience, but we also know that pregnant women and mothers are forbidden to wear high heels, there are health reasons. So,when you want to seduce him, we might put on a seductive high heels, but in peacetime,may wish to wear comfortable flat sho

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