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Sunday, May 6, 2012

High-heeled shoes with the historical era in the changes

Introduction: Since the 15th century invented high heels, the height width of the heel fromtime to time there is a change, but on the heels of the fanatical enduring.Modern women(love shoes, such as life), perhaps due to such as Jimmy Choo President Tamara Mellonsaid: ”shoes and women to share experiences, whether you are in what stage of life,regardless of body fat or thin, shoes are always with youwith.
Began to appear as early as the early 15th century, high heels, but only to be consideredis the design of the heel slightly, convenient riding feet to fasten the stirrup. The heels of the 16th century aristocratic fashion stuff, said to be diminutive Louis XIV to make himselfseem more self-confident and authoritative, to shoemaker for his shoes fitted with 4 inchhigh heels and with Ministry of painted red to show their noble status. To the heels of the 17th century became an important element of male and female fashion.
17th century: This elegant high heels 3 inches tall and quite slender body of the shoeheels and soles fused, if you have the opportunity to come to the streets of the 17th century, you will find on the street all the pedestrians were wearingthe same style of shoes, because when the shoe-making skills can only create a high-heeled shoes style.
18th century: from the late 17th century, people began to try the manufacture of thin heel, but unfortunately sufficient support, only to widen the top of the heel to connect the soles,to the height of the late 18th century, high heels gradually dropped, replaced by pluson the ribbon and bow shoes.high heels Christian Louboutin, let a lot of the beauty of women, are especially excited and happy.
19th century: the lovely Mary Jane shoes first introduced this style popular in the 19th century for 50 years, then the shoe-making technology is quite mature, popular withdifferent materials such as satin, silk and leather and shoe-making stylealso morediversified.

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