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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Venice’s high heels origin

High Heels Christian Louboutin
High Heels Christian Louboutin
               A Merchant of Venice in the 15th century married a beautiful and charming wives, businessmen often go out to do business, it is feared his wife would go out to the romantic, very upset. A rainy day, he walked in the streets, heel stick a lot of mud, and thus become difficult. The businessman was inspired, for immediately making a pair of heel high shoes.
             Venice is Watertown, the ship is the main mode of transport businessman wife wearing high heels can not walk on the springboard, so that you can and kept her at home. Who would have expected his wife to wear these shoes feel very strange, it is accompanied by a servant on board disembarked and play everywhere. High heels make her more graceful, the road to see the people feel that wearing high heels walking posture is so beautiful, and stress the fashionable ladies to emulate the high heels will soon flourish.

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