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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Louboutin and the Christian Louboutin Shoes

Enjoy shopping in High Heels Christian Louboutin! No matter how a woman, wearing Christian Louboutin can also become sexy!When talk about fashional shoes,i ma sure that the Christian Louboutin Shoes will always come into people's mind. Christian Louboutin Evening,Sexy, women, and noble, elegant witness.No one can deny that they are definitely great. At the time of Christian Louboutin Shoes sale,i want to share the experience of the founder of the great shoes, Christian Louboutin.

Just as we heard,Christian Louboutin was born in a middle class neighborhood in Paris. As a child, he came upon the city nightlife at The Palace, and was exposed to a world of glamour and high fashion. In 1979 it has been rumored that he was walking along the streets of Paris, and noticed a billboard that advised women tourists not to scuff the wooden floor in front of the Museum of Oceanic Art. As a result of seeing this sign Louboutin shoes were designed with compressed buckles and with soles.

This style of shoe would become the signature of Christian Louboutin shoes.His apprenticeship began at the Follies Bergeres and advanced when he began to work with Charles Jourdan. A short time afterwards he started freelancing for Chanel, Maud Frison, Yves St-Laurent and Sidonie Larizzi in France and Italy. In 1988 he connected with Roger Vivier, an acquaintance of Christian Dior's and a living legend footwear designer in his own right.In 1992 he inaugurated a boutique in Paris and the rest is history. Even till now Christian Louboutin signature red soles can be seen on some of the most beautiful and famous actresses in the world such as Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman and Catherine Deneuve. Singers have also caught on to his great style like Tina Turner, Gwen Stefani and Janet Jackson.Louboutin stated that he always designs his winter collection in a cold atmosphere, like his house in the country in France, or in Portugal.

In summer he creates his summer collection in hot spots like his boat on the Nile. He is tremendously ardent about his work and absolutely loves what he does. How can one be so talented and fortunate at the same time? To satisfy your own curiosity about this great shoe designer, go to Christian Louboutin at our website where you will find a beautiful, stunning collection of Louboutin footwear.

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