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Friday, May 18, 2012

Control high heels women shall not know how to care and common sense

Christian Louboutin Light multicolor Pumps Fine workmanship
Christian Louboutin Light multicolor Pumps Fine workmanship
Christian Louboutin Light multicolor Pumps Fine workmanship
Best not to immediately wear new shoes bought new shoes above most of them have a layer of wax layer of wax play a polishing effect, but no protective effect on the leather, if with a layer of wax wear leather damage effects, and the layer of wax is not easily lost, bought new shoes first shoeshine do open a wax disposal, and then to protect the shoes have a good protective effect in open wax at $ 10 Not all shoes needs to do the disposal of open wax, the common good shoes needs to do to open the wax, the shoes less than $ 200 is common and does not require.
Two. Shoes to be always on the shoe polish, generally about three days to play the first shoe polish, weather analogy dry, then 1-2 days hit a shoe polish, incomparable patience and special care about your high heels, preferably every day wear over last shoe polish, long confrontation, you will find your shoes a long effort, Du incomparable new, continuous confrontation every day, worn high heels hit again shoe polish, so their own high-heeled shoes continue to protect analogy STACCATO shoes.
3. Playing shoe polish much attention to the local chapeau is the choice of shoe polish and avoid the use of liquid shoe polish, and burning the leather is especially severe, and everyone can try and so after liquid shoe polish, shoes, hand touch leather, leather must be hot , and even some hot, of course, liquid shoe polish light good, What, then too much damage on the leather, so JMS is still the best still do not use liquid shoe polish, if used in bad liquid shoe polish, very able to put you waste lost high heels, with the Office of the JM, I bought a new pair of shoes, rub a liquid shoe polish, high heels, leather all burst, a pair of good new shoes were of such poor quality liquid shoe polish waste lostexperience to their years of high heels to protect the shoe polish brand of the referrals everyone: Huang Yu and John Huang, the price is about 15 yuan, with so many brands of protective oils, think that these two still unmatched good.
4. To go outside the shoeshine perhaps to protect high-heeled shoes, a lot MM preferences is best not to go shoe-shining path next to the stalls of local, they do not use the kind of hard hair shoe brush to rub, of course, then bright, What, then leather it simplyThe program almost, if you look at them carefully can be found in full on your leather is the kind of program Qiao, JMS feet and high heels are analogy is good, it is recommended to still go to a good point shoeshine, with a soft cloth to give you a rub. Accurate on the shoe polish way: with a damp cloth and wipe the dust and mud on the upper Lost, marked protective solution may be to protect the milk, about a minute later with a soft dry cloth to wipe clean, then play on the shoe polish after two minutes, with dry cloth and then shoe polish to wipe clean your high heels, bright as new. If your heels rainy day to wear, and perhaps go a muddy road, will have to immediately drying immediately done to protect the disposal, the mud on the heels of leather damage is unmatched big STACCATO shoes.
5 Protect the shoes and then a spike heel (high heels heel below A small heel, scientific name of the skin, commonly known as the soles, the soles are collectively referred to below), especially the soles of thin heel, grinding real fast, so fine the heels Huanxie palm is the “bread and water” work, good people found the soles fast grinding hours free to change the road next to the booth, the road next to the booth spikes palm common are the first to with inside the nail thin wooden sticks, and put on the leather to keep up with the nail to fine the way of such spikes damage the heel, especially thin-heeled shoes, because after midnight on the inside into a small wooden stick, the next nail with difficult to nail, then there are thin heel nails this way very easily nail split heel, his past, several pairs fine with are such as Xu split with, so intense is recommended JMS do not use this approach spike heel. nail thin heels, soles the best selection of material to be compared hard data, if the information is too soft soles, could not walk too far, soles crush (small heel, point of contact is small, from local contact with the ground great force), will direct wear to the heel, in general, there are three fine selection with the SHOES palm information, a kind of said above, that is, soft rubber this referral JMS nail this waystiletto, and then a nail products with the (to keep up with iron that now, ordinary hard plastic material), the final one is on the soles of the metal material (such the soles city love once rare , and good people do not like to nail this soles than a decade ago to be compared the prevalence of time points heels nailed this metal palm, copper, iron). In the selection of soles, heels fine choice is inevitable when a metal palm nail metal palm nail products, nail less than metal palm with, good people can not know yourself solution, some people can be free to walk the big sound Some people might even think are outdated the old-fashioned feel, in fact, otherwise. If the thin heels often worn by the frequency of changing his shoes and the palm is unmatched high, often for the palm, heel over will become larger, and then nail the palm embarrassing, of course, when the hours of nail out, What, then walk hours of easily lost, and the second is the hard plastic of information products with poor resistance to stress, then heel stepped on solid objects (such as pebbles and the like) hours of such pressure did are passed to a fine with easily fine with Ge and crack, when the metal soles not render this situation, the third, good abrasion resistance than the hard plastic material of the metal soles, common a metal palm confrontation between the work three to six months (thin heels worn analogy frequently data) on high heels walking sound big and small problems, the hard plastic products with the sound and metal heel walk fundamentally similar to the sound of metal with a slightly larger, not very different from their own experience with it, vertical above the stiletto spikes palm best choice for metal soles, if unbearable, then had to select the hard plastic products with a STACCATO shoes.
6. Soles lost hours of walking to meet this situation, thin heel soles lost, it is best not to directly Mozhao with walking, the heel of the material and the soles of the material is completely divergent, heel material very do not wear, take the heel of a mill lost one, constitute a one with high with low status, soles lost is best to immediately repair perhaps changing his shoes, if not with the premise of changing his shoes, walking after midnightTry not to let the heel contacts the ground, the cuts do not want to wear, preferably carrying the heel to go. Shoes handheld iron to live off the inside of the heel to pull it out after midnight, and some shoe repair local pull heel saw lost a small piece, and then pull out the small iron to live to pull out, absolutely do not repair so that once saw lost a small piece of the point of view of the entire shoe will be changes from time to time, the shoes worn uncomfortable and bad shoes will be compared to encounter this situation, to find the skills to be compared to a good shoe repair shop, with an electric drill to pull a small iron live drill Lost constitute the new holes, then spikes palm, both deal with the problem, and does not destroy thin heel of the original structure and point of view.
7. Encounter seasonal hours, the shoes thoroughly to protect it again, on the dull shade custody, it is best to use shoe trees to hold up, adhere to the shoes are not deformed, hours of protection, the inevitable oil to completely wipe clean and then custody, ordinary seasonal storage of work are unmatched, both shoe trees propped also occur bound to the level of deformation, so it is best to put last season’s shoes every one to two months out of home wear 5-10 minutes, such as permission to be useful to avoid shoes deformation.

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