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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wearing high heels to enjoy the sexual passion

Christian Louboutin New Helmut Leather 100 Pointed Pumps Silver
Christian Louboutin New Helmut Leather 100 Pointed Pumps Silver

What kind of high heels, the effect is good?
Answer, what is a sexy high heels? Recommendations heel must, at least 10 cm abovethe heel must be thin, preferably thin metal of the popular and the best selection of open-toed fine with sandals or knee-high boots. Recommended that each women in their ownbed prepared on a pair of shoes, and in order to bed, the best usually do not wear, tokeep it clean and bright.
Why wear high heels sex?
 The answer, leg and pelvic muscles to maintain tension contraction, the most ultra-highultra-fine high heels to play this role, such pleasure can network passed to two people;elongated curve of a woman’s leg, so I passion of a man pleasing thrive; is a fun tool you can use high heels to increase the ML fun, specific methods of the latter.
Specific ways
Phoenix pecking water, under the bent over forward, both hands to hold the two heels oftheir high-heeled shoes, natural Bottom station, the man behind it, and swept womenYaokua Department, followed into the feed. Women’s flexibility, you can head on hisknees, arms around the leg. Women bending to tighten, feeling a strong sense of grip.
Pay attention to the matter, lest she be the impact of forward down. <
2, anti-phoenix spreading its wings, female waist tired men to help women lift the waist tothe horizontal position, the female hands backward anti-stretch, the man caught thewoman’s wrist or arm, a man lean back, hard impact, the women leaned forward, shakingbuttocks. Female wings like a phoenix, twisted footer For forward flight, beautiful feeling.
Pay attention to the matter, to prevent the imbalances fall.
3, phoenix rise of women’s waist and they are tired, and helped her stand up straight, a man from behind and surrounded, clenched breasts upward, leaning against the man inthe female chest, backhand stroke a man’s waist to hip, because when women canbalance, so you can up and down the sports Yaokua, with the impact of man’s.
4, Danfengchaoyang, step on the bed, one foot touch the ground, his arms held flat, theman in the level boosting the arms of women, two fingers Huwo, man impact. I’m feeling.

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