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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Christian Louboutin:Man services for women

Christian Louboutin’s red soled shoes have become the contemporary Princess and the Princess of essential goods. Madonna is a fan of his, one can not fail to Tika La Bruni and the Beckhams, but casually so an example is a gorgeous fan group. Design Museum in London, May 1, the the undisputed king of shoes (or Manolo Blahnik?) Started his first retrospective. Here you will see a lot of shoes, a lot of shoes – flat shoes, boots, ultra-high heel, sports shoes, you want to see what there is – and accompanied by the designer items up to 20 years of design career. This exhibition will have another charm: the shoe-making process, from drawing board to the factory. Germaine Greer probably will not agree, but the exhibition frenzy is likely recyChristian Louboutining McQueen last year’s Met phenomenon. To carry out a few days ago, Louboutin, from the complex exhibit during ARTINFO English chat chat.

Told ARTINFO: how do you view the design of footwear made in the past 20 years?
Christian Louboutin: This is my adventure – 20 years is what I made. A lot of people told me that 20 years is very long, but I feel When you’re 20 years old: things are open to the new realities of the arm. Like me this has just begun, in fact, this is only the beginning.

Told ARTINFO: So this exhibition is not especially nostalgic part?

Christian Louboutin: No, no, there is no reason to start nostalgia. 20 years, I have a lot of souvenirs collected during the journey, there are those people I met. (The exhibition) is a shared way of things. I also want to tell you the reality is that these shoes can make a woman excited – at least in my opinion – but this whole process. Because the shoe-making process and the major projects behind when people go to visit my studio in Paris will certainly be surprised, some of the texture of things based on what kind of method to make a pair of shoes all finished takes a great deal the pour. This is also some kind of behind the story.

Told ARTINFO: when you was a little young, you went to the Grand Palace nightChristian Louboutinub, then you are still a legendary song and dance theater Folies Bergères worked. Do you think it is a turning point in your career?
Christian Louboutin: In fact, work with the shoes when I was younger I do not matter much, but that really is my turning point. For singers, actors and dancers, shoes, how important it is. I put this idea has been printed in the mind. I learned a lot. I borrowed from a famous French singer and dancer Mistinguett famous saying: “I was just elegant floor?” (L’ai-je,-bien descendu?) Everyone knows these words, but they may not know why the shoes of the singer how important it is, but I truly feel the reason at that time. When you go down from the height of the stairs, you will be looked at his feet, but in the concert hall or arts theater, the actors have to look ahead, so when she go down stairs, she can not see the feet , which have to spend a lot of practice job. Folies Bergères the day, I witnessed a lot of seemingly effortless, but spent countless practice the things behind the scenes. In performance, they can not specifically to pay attention to shoes, the shoes must be very comfortable, so the process of the entire shoe is very cautious.

Gradually with an idea, is a hidden platform high heels in front of the performers – I have spent about 10 years! So when you see these girls already completed a lot of work, but you do not see the shoes, but those of beauty, beauty, legs, their body language. Each assumed a posture of the United States, are provided by the shoes, and I in each of the performers who have seen this. If you like this pair of high heels, then you should like their high heels. Omitted the gap between the legs, you can see the entire legs. The girls were Christian Louboutin Shoes early aware of this.

Told ARTINFO: You once said, hope that the Queen has also become one of your Christian Louboutinients. Do you think she wear?

Christian Louboutin: It does not depend on me; but depends on the Queen herself. If your customers like a queen, you need according to her needs, and make her want you to do – instead of you feel, or do you think of how she should. Anyway, I am a woman services a man. But this special case, there is no doubt that views had to come from her.

Told ARTINFO: Disney to release Blu-ray DVD of “Cinderella” has invited you to re-design for Cinderella glass slipper. Longer and more to disChristian Louboutinose?

Christian Louboutin: We have started with Disney began to cooperate, the most well-known figure in between you and me is Cinderella. Who else more love shoes fantastic figure? I can not disChristian Louboutinose information of them. This is the movie “Cinderella” and then released, but may not stop there, as well as shoes.

Told ARTINFO: these shoes will give an adult princess do?

Christian Louboutin: This is also one of the secrets, but will definitely be a big surprise.

“Christian Louboutin”; Dates: May 1 to July 9, 2012; the London Design Museum.

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